The Jack Daniels Series by J.A. Konrath

The Jack Daniels SeriesWhen indie publishing evangelist and best selling author J.A. Konrath got the rights back to the first six books of his Hyperion-published Jack Daniels series, he asked if we could give each of the volumes a unified, premium ebook and print interior design that could carry forward into new books featuring the seasoned, brash Chicago detective at the heart of his series.

In creating the design for Konrath, we considered the things that make the series iconic and at the core of that was the City of Chicago and its police department, often referred to as “Chicago’s Finest.” This became our starting point and we looked for elements that make the Chicago PD familiar to the city’s residents and recognizable to others from popular media.

The first element in this design is the checkerboard hatband of CPD uniformed officers. We underscored this element with a thin blue stripe using the exact light blue that’s used throughout the organization, from uniform shirts to the stripes on the department’s squad cars and the City of Chicago’s flag.

To finish the look, we used the department’s font—or a very close match—and set it with the exact red that emblazons the prowlers with CHICAGO POLICE.

Whiskey Sour premium ebook and paper interior design

One of the advantages to beginning our design process with ebooks, is that the design for the paper editions is a matter of following through on a larger canvas. Of course, we had to work with a gray scale palette but the design remained unchanged, including bleeding the checkerboard stripe off the edge of the page.

Whiskey Sour premium ebook and paper interior design

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Genre: Fiction
Author: J.A. Konrath
Title: The Jack Daniels Series
Deliverable: Premium Kindle and ePub ebooks and Interior design for Print-On-Demand
Features: Custom-made chapter heading graphics, Custom-made title page graphics, Drop caps, Embedded fonts, and Scalable images